Professional Services

Get a PRO Account

If you are someone who regularly incorporate companies, then we would like to invite you to join and register on our Professional (Pro) Account.

By signing up with our Pro Account, you will get to enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • For each company you register with us, we will charge you with a special price of $310 (all inclusive). Register 5 or more companies each month and we’ll give you 5% more additional discount.
  • We will give your firm a 30 day credit term – you don’t need to pay instantly.
  • Take advantage of our easy to use and intuitive website interface.
  • Company registration in just a few hours! Impress your clients – save time and money.

Are there any membership fees?

Membership to our Pro Account is absolutely free!

Just simply register through our website, place your order and voila! You get to enjoy a fast, hassle-free and efficient company registration process.

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What are the inclusions of your services?

We will be providing all our Pro Accounts with the documents on a customized and professional executive folder – delivered to you by registered courier.

Ready to join?

Register now with our Pro Account and unlock all these benefits in just one click!

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